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Hammock Hanger
2003-02-13, 11:31
I just got back from my trip, (a few days early cuz we kicked butt!)

It got down to around 38 and was cold, as we were near the river. I used my quilt under the hammock and it surely made a difference. I still needed a pad, I used a windshield reflective pad. The cold spots were decreased a great deal and I was way warmer then my hiking partner. I only had a 45 degree bag and she carried a 0 degree bag.

I believe that by the quilt being on the outside it did not get
compressed as her heavier sleeping bag did. It rained 3 of the
nights we were out and I had no problem with the down outside under the hammock.

I figure the same quilt could be made leaving the tubes empty and filled with leaves and pine for even less weight. Just sharing my latest experience.

Hammock Hanger:)

2003-02-13, 17:20

2003-02-13, 17:34
How thick is the quilt?

Hammock Hanger
2003-02-13, 17:40
LNT: scatter and replace leaves & pine

Thickness: about 3", weighed 1.7 with sleeping bag that was combined weight of 2.7, still lighter then some sleeping bags.