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2003-02-13, 19:33
I have heard of people using nylon body bags as hammocks as there are six reenforced handles on it. When it is good weather they lay on top when it rains they crawl in and zip up. just wondering if any one has done this.

SGT Rock
2003-02-13, 19:44
I have a body bag and thought about doing something like that because I used it as a bivy bag in El Paso. The problem as I found was the zipper is only made to be used from the outside, so if you zip yourself in, well you can see that problem. Another problem was the zipper isn't made for a lot of use, so after a few months the ziper failed. I can't remember the weight, but it wasn't light compared to other hammock options.

2003-02-13, 21:03
I also own one and I have never tried to use it as a hammock. I was just wondering if it was possible to use it as a hammock and thinking I could try it and see if I really liked sleeping in a hammock. The zipper on mine is a really heavy duty brass zipper and doesn't seem like it would wear out easy. I leave it open but just in case that some one gets an idea, I keep my leatherman inside. I have used it as a bivy bag and I don't (surpisingly) get much condensation on my sleeping bag. I did get some when we were camping by the Niobrara River in Nebraska and the humidity was roughly 500%. It didn't leak even in a hard thunderstorm in the open. I have used it in cold weather down to about -5*. Instrucions are included:D

Sorry about not putting it in the gear forums. i wasn't paying attention to where I was when I remembered this.

2003-02-14, 01:36
How the hell did you get a body bag? Grab it when the user was "out"?:D
I trust they aren't used ones.

SGT Rock
2003-02-14, 02:05
I got mine when I was doing a lot of dismounted patroling in the desert. Instead of trying to put up a tent and a sleeping bag; a poncho tarp, bodybag bivy, and a poncho liner were all it took - that and leaving your clothing on in bed. Of course starting a fire only takes a mag flare and a couple of yuka plants. Only in the cold winter did you need a lot of bag.

2003-02-14, 17:21
Got mine for a buck at a surplus store. Came with instructions and an inner "gorry" bag which is classified as "bag,plastic,mortuary" and the outer nylon is "pouch, human remains"