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2003-02-14, 10:42
I have a friend who is driving east in April, to finish hiking the AT.
His plan is to leave his car around Harpers Ferry and get a shuttle south about 200mi. He will than hike north. He is looking for a place to park his car for a few weeks and also for some names of people that he could contact for a shuttle.
Anybody out there with this kind of info?

2003-02-14, 12:40
A couple of sources might help out:

First, the ATC has a list of shuttle providers though there are a lot more out there.. you can see their list at: http://www.appalachiantrail.org/hike/plan/cars.html#sub3

Second, according to ATC:

"Harpers Ferry, West Virginia. Harpers Ferry National Historical Park allows long-term hiker parking at their Visitors Center for a one-time $5.00 fee. Hikers must register at the Visitors Center, and leave an estimated date of return (2 week maximum). Parking lot gates are locked after dark, so hikers must plan to return during the day. The Visitors Center parking lot is located at the intersection of Route 340 and Washington Street. It is about a mile from the ATC headquarters and the main section of the Park. A shuttle bus takes visitors to the historic district, with direct access to the Trail. Contact the Park for more information: (304) 535-6298"

Last, you might have your friend contact the ATC directly or contact THE OUTFITTERS AT HARPERS FERRY. (888)535-2087 or at: