View Full Version : Mousilaukee Ski Trip

2003-01-08, 16:13
Last Sunday Jan 5 I skied up Mousilaukee via the Snapper Trail and Carriage Road. Had been a fresh snow on Friday night/Saturday, so we had about a foot of new powder over a hard base. We were the only ones to ski Snapper that day, so broke trial on the way up and enjoyed the powder on the way down. Used skins on the uphills (boy does that make it easier!). The Carriage Road is used by snowmobiles, plus met a large group from Dartmouth on alpine touring equipment. We turned around at the top of the Carriage Road and did not attempt the summit due to lack of time. The Carriage Road was a bit chopped up by snowmobiles and skis, so the downhill was challenging in places. I mostly snowplowed rather than trying elegant telemark turns. It was a nice day to be out in the woods. Mostly overcast, but not too windy. Saw what was probably a goshawk deep in the woods.