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2009-07-08, 23:37
So I made myself a Fauxbaker using a large cat food can. Basically its just a spacer for the bottom of your pot with some holes in it. You add water to your pot just up to the edge of the spacer, and then you have a steambaker.

Well my first home trial at baking a biscuit on the ole alcohol stove turned out better (and BIGGER) than expected.

I used a strip of aluminum foil as a simmer ring on the stove.
Put the upside down catfood can (which had holes punched in it) into the pot.
Added just enough water to almost come up to the top (err, bottom) of the catfood can.
Mixed up some 3/4 cup Bisquik, 1 tbsp powdered milk, and 1/3 cup water in a ziploc bag and stuffed it in the pot. (Leave the bag open but fold it over so water doesn't get inside.)
Put the pot on the simmer flame, put the lid on the pot, and weighted the lid down (trying for a mini pressure cooker effect).
Then I left the pot alone till the 1 oz of fuel burned out (almost 25 mins with the simmer ring, could probably cut back to 3/4 oz or even 1/2 oz).

When I opened the pot,...VOILA, I had 1 each 4 inch diameter by 4-1/2 inch thick BISCUIT FROM HELL!!!!! Ok, it was almost a small loaf of bread.

I'm thinking I should halve the ingredients for the biscuit, but I'm a little torn, pulling that monster out of the cooking pot would definitely be a morale booster out in the backcountry.

Oh, and it tasted pretty damn good, very light and fluffy.


Saint Alfonzo
2009-07-09, 06:07
Sounds good to me. I use a pizza mix, just add water, mix well, let it rest for awhile and then fry it up in the pan. It works good for me...

2009-07-09, 18:33

2009-07-09, 23:31
I was wondering the same thing. LOL

2009-07-09, 23:33
Yeah, I want to see pictures of both methods. I am thinking Red Lobster style cheese garlic biscuits and some sort of rehydrated soup or stew on a cold winter evening.

2009-07-09, 23:55
Didn't take pics the first time, so I tried again tonite just to see if it would come out the same:

1) My collection of stoves (culminating in the Caldera on the right):

2) The Catfood can Fauxbaker inside the Evernew pot:

3) Mix up the ingredients inside a ziploc:

4) Shove the bag of dough into the pot:

5) Simmer for 20 mins in covered pot (the cup on top is full of water and gets hot enough for coffee,...bonus):

6) When its done it fills my entire pot:

7) One each monster biscuit:

2009-07-10, 08:47
That is a monster of a biscuit. Looks good though.

2009-07-16, 20:20
thanks for the pics will try, looks good!

2009-07-26, 01:42
I have tried to make a simmer ring on my cat stove and have yet to "simmer" anything. I used a strip of oven liner to go around the air holes and tried to make a tab to decrease the burner hole size but i still only burns for the 6-7 minute mark. Any tips?

My goal is to make biscuits like above.