View Full Version : tree huggers on my NEW HH!!!!!!!!!!

2003-02-18, 19:08
Hey guys, I have been to the site many times in the past year or so, but thought I would actually register and say hi.... :cool:
Just got my HH expedition from Hennessy and was looking at it last night and noticed that one of the tree huggers isn't stiched into a loop on one of them, should I just tie it in a knot or stitch it? Or call the folks at HH? I can do any of the above, just wondering what other HH users think.

Sarge.... love the site, proud to be a part.


2003-02-18, 20:06
LOL I thought you meant the animal rights goons were ambushing you while you slept!! LOL

2003-02-18, 20:10
They are closing out expeditions for $49.95 US....
I've wanted one for a couple of years, but who in their right mind could resist a price like that?

2003-02-18, 20:17
I assume you mean the end of the tree hugger where the cord would run through. I'd think about calling up the manufacturer rather than sewing it, only because there is (when I tie it, anyway) some load against the cord as it passes through. If you sewed it with the wrong thread, or used too big a needle, the integrity of the strap may be lessend.

SGT Rock
2003-02-18, 20:20
Call Tom Hennessy, he needs to know if they are coming out defective and he will fix it. More than likely he will send you a new one without asking for the old one back, but then again he may so he can figure out how that happened.