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2003-02-19, 13:26
I have recently purchased a Hennessy Explorer. I will be taking my first trip with it in March. I will be doing a section hike from Waynesboro to Roanoke. I live in Brooklyn. I have set it up once in the park and have practiced the "Hennessy knot" inside. Can you guys share any words of wisdom about your hammock learned on the trail?

2003-02-19, 18:29
Figure out ahead of time how to stay warm. While this is a personal answer, make sure you have one that works for you. You may get into some temps in the teens about that time of year, or it may stay in the 60s... one can never tell.

For some experiments on staying warm, you are welcome to check out my recent experiments to get some ideas. In general, the ideas are to use some insulation or air space below the hammock and or to use a pad inside the hammock, or both.

I find that a thin pad is too cold at 30 degrees and an exterior wind shell with my emptyh pack inside is necessary. Instead it could be a "pea pod" sleeping bag, or an insulator, or other bottom insulation.

See http://www.flyfisher-kayaks.com/ultralite/ultrahammock.htm


2003-02-22, 20:01
Learn how do tension the fly properly. Get out of the city for a dayhike, or find a spot somewhere where you can set it up and play with it a while. My 2 friends who got HH's were VERY dependant on me; they had never set it up before!??!:mad: Also, replace the lines on the fly with slightly thicker line- that line just doesnt hold a taught line hitch. And bring 2 stakes.

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