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2003-01-08, 15:21
I realize just about everyone has tried out a soda can stove/cat food stove/trangia/trangia clone, etc.

However, in all the discussions and directions not a single person has mentioned using a Dremel tool to cut the stinkin' cans. I beat myself up on the first one using a utility knife and then heavy duty scissors on the pop cans -- then I start on one of Sarge's stoves using the tomatoe paste cans -- well after trying to neatly cut a steel can with shears I remembered my Dremel.

I installed new reinforced cut off wheel and man, it works like a charm. I have a box marked for scoring the cans and either hand hold them and cut or rotate them in the box while keeping the Dremel cutter on the line.

Just thought I'd pass this along. I've done multiple soda cans -- the ones with the perlite instead of fiberglass or string. Works real well but I haven't weighed one yet.


2003-01-11, 07:32
I totally agree with the use of dremel to make the stoves - use it to drill the burner holes as well. I use a large needle chucked up in the smallest collet that I can find - it will drill/burn it's way through with much more control than you can get any other way.

Wander Yonder
2003-01-11, 17:38
I didn't think to use a Dremel to cut the can itself, but did use the dremel drill bits for the holes and the grinder to smooth out the bottom of the can after I cut the center out.

I am really tickled with my soda can stove as it is the first piece of equipment I ever made "all by myself." :D It has the crimps on the can that fits inside the other one, then has the separate strip on the outside (which is the inside of the stove). Inside the house, it will boil 2 cups of tap water in 4-1/2 minutes.

I have made a pot stand and windscreen for it, but do need to make a simmer ring still.

Does anyone have any ideas for that? I would like to do the one described at Trailquest, but I can't find any of those disposable muffin tins around here.

2003-01-11, 18:44
SGT Rock has all kinds of instructions on his site, here's a link to his simmering soda can stove instructions.


Hope this helps ya. :)

Wander Yonder
2003-01-11, 21:48
Dixicritter, you are an angel! That is exactly what I need! :)

2003-01-11, 22:37
You are most welcome. I try to help out hikers as best I can, especially this one guy.....;)

Glad that was what you were looking for. :)

2003-01-30, 19:47
I agree that dremel tools work great. with the cutting wheel it is MUCH easier and safer to cut out the bottom of cans. As opposed to taking ten mintes to scribe around the can the botton can be cut out in about a minute. with the utility knife i slit my finger pretty well when the blade slipped. I ended up wearing a leather glove on the hand that I held the can with. I did this over year ago and I still have a nasty scar. My family thinks I gone mad making all these stove lol

2003-01-31, 23:04
I use a knife- heck, even a screwdriver would work, and very slowly make a scribe around the parimeter of the can. Only go once around, so you dont have 2 separate lines. Now carefully take the knife and stick it in the bottom somewhere away from the wall. THen SLOWLY work your way twords a side of the can. Once you barely reach the line you made, pull the knife out. YOU DONT WANT TO PASS THE LINE YOU MADE. NOw apply pressure to where the line and the cut meet. Once it starts to peel away, it should be very easy. You now have a nice, dull, straight cut that took you all of 2 mins!


Pics of this tommarow!