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2009-08-06, 10:02
Hi all. As I'm sure you've noticed, I'm new here and also new to hammock camping. A little background is probably in order.

I've done lots of hiking/camping in the eastern part of the country, lived in CO for a couple years and saw lots of stuff out there, and also some west of CO. I love to get out year round (mostly backcountry skiing, some mountineering, telemark trekking and camping in the winter in the backcountry). Like most of you, hard-core fetish for getting out and staying out for as long as possible.

I'm also a full-time fireman and a rope rescue specialist. No problem with knots and rigging. My work sometimes takes me out of state for disasters and having the versatility to hang my bed and be comfortable and dry in any setting is a real asset. Thus the hammock.

I bought a GI jungle hammock a couple years ago and I've recently decided to break it out and see what it's all about. I've got a trip coming in Oct. (Franconia region in NH) with some friends that aren't all that hard-core and thought it would be a good time for a trial run. Googled hammock camping and couldn't believe all the info and the culture that I've totally missed over the years. Would love to eventually buy a HH or Clark but not in the cards for this season. And now the questions:

Anyone familiar with the GI jungle hammock? I've strung it up a couple times with little difficulty but not sure how it will perform in Oct. in NH (temps probably close or below freezing over night at altitude).

Will my 0* bag with full length thermarest be adequate?

Would you recommend bringing my fleece bag liner?

I was planning on throwing my gortex biv sac over my bag. Good idea? Should I still use a tarp if I know I won't get wet in my bivy?

Anyone tried spraying the nylon top with water proofing to eliminate need for tarp? Would that work?

I've got more but that's a start. Any info would be great. Can't tell you how excited I am to get in the trees and eventually grab a newer more advanced hammock. Thanks in advance. -John

2009-08-07, 12:44
A lot depends on temps and conditions at the time. The Whites can get extreme at any time. So, a bag and pad may be great or it may leave you very cold along the edge of the pad where the sleeping bag is compressed against the pad.

I would NOT recommend a bivy in a hammock. It will be tricky enough getting into and out of the bag without fighting the bivy. I use a quilt because it is much easier to use with a hammock. Definitely get a tarp. Besides rain protection, it can also offer good wind protection. More importantly, it will prevent rain water from literally freezing your hammock if sub-freezing conditions set in. Your bivy will do nothing to protect your hammock.

The GI hammock is a good bit heavier than modern models, but beyond that is fine. It is certainly tough. But the Whites may not be the best place for a first hang. Just my thoughts.

2009-08-09, 10:07
Welcome to the hanging gang!

If it is an issue M1965 you can remove the stretcher pole sleeves and the repair kit and pocket for it with an un stitcher and save a lot of weight....Got one down to avout 1.5 pound doing this back in 2003...

If it has the triangle cord managers vs the rings the little holes need to be rat tail and emery clothed for smoothness or the strings will break... Inspect daily anyway... about 10-14 days of use and you will have problems, if this is not done.

Use quilts.... A lot easier and warm....Pads will cause moisture problems... Far better to have a light weight more compressible breathable insulation system....In NH I'd look real close at the JRB Mt Washington-4... zero degree rated... Remember I'm biased on the subject of quilts.