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2009-08-21, 15:55
So i have be looking for a stove that has the same fuel efficiency as the other chimney cat stove and have finally found it. I got the design idea from zen stoves. I used a chimney stove because i want to be able to really control the air flow going in(foil strip over intake holes). The stove is made from 5 oz cans from starbucks. You cut the first can about an inch and a half to two inches from the bottom. Then the second can you cut down at the very bottom right at the point where the side wall curves down to the silvery bottom. I made 5 holes and tried to evenly space them and made a slit type burner hole because i only had a knife when making this stove. Then push the two pieces together. When i go home i added insulation for a wick and jb welded the two pieces together. I can boil 2 cups of water with 20ml-25ml of fuel but have boiled 2cups with 15ml(.5fl oz) of fuel. Boil time is about 5-6, i have boil water in 4 minutes and change but it wasn't a full 2 cups.

The best part is all the parts fit into my pot!

2009-10-30, 12:48
You got my attention by the title. Your chimney is as I see much different than mine posted in homemade gear . Winter is here you need to be inside a shelter to cook. My stove/chimney is 24 ounces and I am inside by the fire, how much does your stove weigh with the fuel.