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2003-02-19, 20:16
These wont be a complete text book, rather an amalgam of fact, opinion, and personal experience. I thought it would be better to break things down a little bit, but as I said this is what I am working on, and I will entertain requests as well.

Shin splints, diagnosis and management
Primer on Non-steroidal anti-inflammatories.
I itch, can I have some cream?
Improvisation with gear, splints, slings and every thing
Hypothermia/frost bite
Recognizing common wilderness infections (tick, giardia, Crypto, Hep A etc. )
I am doing a thru hike, what should I ask my doctor for?
I am hiking in another country, what should I ask my doctor for?
Don't have a heart attack, guide for older out of shape occassional hikers.
mountain sickness/HACE/HAPE and headaches.

anything else any one wants to hear about? I am hoping to have the first issued to Sgt Rock by this weekend, likely I will work on NSAIDs first.


2003-02-19, 20:37
Great topics!

I have had altitude sickness during a hike up San Jacinto in December a few years ago. I learned all about it afterwards to try to understand what happened.

Hypothermia is a rich topic and this time of year should be very interesting to the gang.

I'd ammend the going to the doctor article to "How to ask your doc for useful advice and the right prescriptions for a thru hike." As most docs would be thinking through the question very infrequently, (unless they were members of the Wilderness Medicine Society...)

"Prevention: how to have a good day" would be high on my list of practical advice articles.

"Field Sanitation" or perhaps a more sexy sounding "Clean hands:Great Food!" might be a second on my list.

A good article on "Vit I" sounds like a great idea!

Before writing on shin splints, I'd get one out on "blisters: prevention and treatment."


Wander Yonder
2003-02-19, 21:48
Sundog, that will be a great resource. :)

SGT Rock
2003-02-19, 23:13

I really appreciate all the work, but don't send them until I get back please.

2003-02-20, 12:51

I was planning on emailing them to you, probably in MS word format, would that be ok? That way I can include tables and stuff. I suppose If I wanted to get creative I could do it in HTML. (but that will take longer.)

A great deal of info will be coming from Paul Auerbachs "wilderness medicine 4th edition" The Bible, Koran, Talmud, and Vedas of wilderness medicine all rolled into one.

When are you getting back, and where are you going?

SGT Rock
2003-02-25, 22:41
I just got back. The hip repair went well, but he had a heart attack with a spot that was 80% blocked. They put in a stint to open it back up, now they just have to get his blood sugar back to a normal rythym. He is diabetic and he has been experienceing levels up into the 600's even with insulin. After that he goes into re-hab for the hi[. Luckily he is a tough old coot.

2003-02-25, 23:30
I have seen people bounce back from worse, and die from less. Anytime someone has surgery the recovery period and success is almost 100% individual effort. Doctors have very little to do with it at that point. attitude is key.