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Just Jeff
2009-09-05, 16:04
Haven't posted here in a while, mainly due to work limiting my time online, but I'm moving to Colorado Springs in December and wanted to organize a hammock hangout for shortly after I get there. Great way to meet new people and see many different kinds of hammock gear for folks who are interested. Not sure how many people to expect yet but at least one hammock maker (Warbonnet Outdoors) has already signed up to attend.

Who: Winter campers or day trippers only...ground dwellers welcome
What: Hangout! Probably around 9000' and single digit temps
When: A Fri-Sun in February or March, probably...we'll set the schedule once we see who's interested
Where: Somewhere in central Colorado. I like the Pike National Forest, Saylor Park area, just b/c I'm familiar with it. (Map here (http://www.google.com/maps?f=d&source=s_d&saddr=woodland+park,+co&daddr=Rampart+Range+Rd&hl=en&geocode=%3BFSiQUwId2KO9-Q&mra=ls&sll=39.031186,-105.013332&sspn=0.056806,0.110035&ie=UTF8&ll=39.018784,-105.015221&spn=0.056816,0.110035&z=13)...it's more than the 13 minutes away that Google says it is.) Close to Woodland Park for the post-trip group lunch, not too difficult to get to, and a few interesting places to visit nearby (Chimney Rock, some lakes and beaver ponds, etc)
Why: Because it's winter!

At these hangouts, everyone usually packs their own gear but has enough extra to put together or augment a few sets for the folks who don't have a suitable winter hammock kit. Let me know if gear is the only thing holding you back and I'll find a way to hook you up.

We also usually have a group pot luck on Saturday night. Someone brings brats, someone brings homemade beef stew, etc. Generally family-friendly events...alcohol is ok as long as it's low-key.

So let's get a feel for how many people are interested and willing to make the drive. Then we'll nail down a location. After I move and get my new work schedule we'll solidify the date.


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Just Jeff
2009-09-07, 18:48
Since several HQ members also read whiteblaze and HF, here's the current list in case y'all recognize the names. Everyone's welcome!

Just Jeff (and probably Joker)
Bluejacket + poss. guests
freefall (whiteblaze)

mags (whiteblaze)