View Full Version : Hammock camping on the cheap

2009-09-09, 23:22
I'm thinking of trying out hammock camping on the cheap. I have a Byer Parachute hammock & am thinking of using a 12' x 12' Tyvek tarp over it. Anyone have experience w/ Tyvek as a tarp ?

Just Jeff
2009-09-10, 07:08
Some Tyvek has pinholes in it to add to breathability. Make sure yours is the kind that doesn't or it might get saturated and start dripping on you. If you just want to try it out cheaply, you can also get a big blue tarp from Walmart. Bulky and heavy but it'll definitely keep you dry, and you can use it for all kinds of other stuff if you decide not to hammock or to upgrade to a lighter tarp.

2009-09-10, 07:58
Anyone have experience w/ Tyvek as a tarp ?It's noisy. Rattles in the wind, drums in the rain, Chinese water torture in dripping rain.