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2003-02-20, 17:58
I have a question for you Henneesy Hammock owners: I've noticed that as I lie in my Explorer Deluxe-Asym (head angled to left - feet to right) my face is sometimes pressed against the mesh, while the bottom edge of the mesh on the side opposite my head is a good foot higher. Angling the other way doesn't seem to be right, not being nearly as gloriously comfortable, and not conforming to the angle as dictated by the asymetrical placement of the side ropes. My netting also hangs rather loosely, rather than being tight from the ridge-line to the hammock sides. I'm concerned about offering up my face as a banquet for mosquitoes, and other blood sucking and biting critters.

Have any of you had the same experience, or am I doing something wrong. I have my hammock stretched tight, with the side cords pretty much parallel with the floor, and relatively tight.

2003-02-21, 10:31
Can you try moving down farther to the center of the hammock? I'd say the opposite side (angle) of where your head is pointing will naturally have more material, you are stretching one side with your body weight while t'other side is flopping loose. I believe the hammock should be symetrical empty, as it is attached only at the ends. I'm a shave under 6ft, I slept in some massively infested hollows, and didn't get bit up. (the sound was kind of creepy though, bzzzzzzzzzzz)

2003-04-14, 16:43
I have a question somewhat related to GrizzlyBear's.

I just got a Ultralite Backpacker A-Sym and snake skins. It was pretty easy to setup. I didn't get it tight enought the first time and I was setting up on a slope so I didn't have it level.

When I was in it I noticed the same think GrizzlyBear wrote about but also that the exit hole was pulling tighter than the rest of the bottom of the hammock so it was putting pressure on the underside of my leg when I was laying with my head to the left and my legs to the right (which is what I assume to be the correct position).

Can anyone give me some tips on what they have found as the best way to lay in the hammock and where to attach the tie outs on the sides of the hammock. I put them along the same direction as the fly tie outs and staked them to the ground but it seemed like it would have been better to have them up higher (liked tied to a tree) but I didn't have any trees close enough to do that.

I really like the hammock I'm just looking for some tips on how the experienced users use them.


2003-04-15, 10:49
And while you folks are thinking about the above questions, what about pad width? I've read in several places that you should use a pad that is 24"+ wide instead of the usual 20" pad. Any thoughts? Does it really make a difference?

2003-04-15, 22:21
I'm a relative neophyte hammock hiker myself. this is what I learned my first trip. 1) Just about shoulder height works best for me. 2) its best to tie 3 knots...the first to create tension for the second...then go back untie the first knot and tie it again under tension

Didn't have any trouble mushing my face into the net. I have the explorer version. Maybe the extra length

I use my normal self inflating 3/4 length pad. I made a fleece sleeve to hold the pad in place. the fleece is held in place by some velcro strips I sewed to my hammock. The fleece weighs to much and the most important thing about it is to hold the pad in place. I'm going to remake it in silk. If I had it to do over again, I would ask for the velcro to be factory installed and the silk sleeve cut to fit the hammock. Believe me asymetrical means it is very hard to cut anything to fit...

2003-04-25, 06:43
I tried the RabTop bag with sleeve and zipper via Moonbowgear.com It was hard as heck to get into the sleeping bag with pad inserted so I nixxed that idea.
Next we made an 'underquilt' out of Walmart bargain big material, plain nylon on the outside, polyphil insulation inside, and a layer of Radiantek abutting the HH,,,held to the HH with mitten hooks and d rings...test on an AT section hike-it worked very well, inside the Hammock I was under a Nunatak quilt...very cozy and warm at 48 degrees with high wind and almost horizontal rain.
Next we made a Garlington taco out of sil-nyl and used a Golite Fur sleeping bag between the taco and the bottom of the HH, the Fur was held in place with velcro to the bottom of the HH....this is too too hot for anything above 40 degrees!
Pads in general are a compromise in an HH...most-those under 22inches will freeze your arms and shoulders, and the 26 inch size you need is a pain to carry on the pack because if catches too many limbs...that is why we went with the underquilt.

2003-04-27, 23:12
I've decided to get a Big Agnes bag. The integrated pad would be perfect for my hammock. I got the Horse Thief for the summer.

I"m over 6 feet tall so I got the Explorer model. It is absolutely the perfect size.

I've been hiking with pretty much the same gear for close to 20 years. Last summer on the Long Trail, I swora an oath to get all new gear...The lightest, I could find. ULA P-2 pack, brasslite stove, Hennessy Hammock...My non-consumable gear is down to around 10 pounds for a summer (East coast) backpacking. I'm about 6 weeks from my first trip with all the new gear. I am totally stoked...and you guys have no idea how difficult it is to get stoked at my age!

2003-04-28, 16:07
Jumpngeorge: how do u like your P-2? I am about to order one, but what options did u get and how do u like them??


2003-04-28, 17:13
Well Brian, I'm not jumpingeorge, but I have owned a P2 for the past year, so I guess I can comment.

I like this pack very much. Mine tops out at just under 3 lbs as I have just about all the options. It could obviously be lighter. The pack carrys well. Bear in mind that my loads are typically under 30 lbs. A typical 3 night summer hike would see my lugging 23 to 25 lbs including food and water. I have a wood burning stove so I don't have to carry fuel of any kind. The pack will carry loads in excess of 30 lbs of course but in my opinion 30 is the comfortable limit. At first glance the hip and shoulder straps seem a bit on the thin side, but with the loads I carry there is seldom any discomfort. The frame sheet and single stay are easily removed for adjustment. Brian Frankle recommends you do this yourself to ensure a good fit; this is excellent advice.

The options have changed since I bought my pack. I have a silnylon liner that is very effective. I understand the pack now can have an attached silnylon pack cover. I would certainly have bought this if it had been available at the time. I have a single hipbelt pouch on the right side. This is perfect for carrying mini binocs, trail snacks, fly dope,etc. A second hip pouch would have been useful. I've been delighted with the oversized mesh side pouches. There is room for a litre bottle plus ready access clothing. Typically I stow my poncho along side my bottle. Unlike all too many side pockets, P2 pouches are easy to reach on the march. I also have the rear mesh pocket and stretch ladder cord. Both are extraordinarily useful. I do a fair bit of bushwacking so my pack is in the tougher spectra gridstop material. Brian calls this overkill. What else - oh yeah I have the internal stash pocket too. I wouldn't bother with this again - I just never seem to use it.

The quality of workmanship is good. Nevertheless this is a lighter weight pack and you must bear that in mind. It is not delicate but you should treat it with respect. Don't fling it around like you would a 7 lb Dana.

Customer service is excellent. Questions I had as to fit were answered courteously and promptly.

Hope this has been of some service, even though I'm not jumpingeorge.



2003-04-28, 17:15
FYI, the current wait on a P-2 is ~10 weeks. I just asked the owner last week.

2003-04-28, 22:27
I got a lot of options on my P-2. I got the lid and one belt pocket. I opted of the mesh front pocket with shock cord, hydration sleeve, zipper access, handloops and overkill fabric. The integrated rain fly too... It took eleven weeks to get my pack. Positive reviews in Backpacker probably contirbuted to the recent glut of orders. Workmanship is top notch...These guys know packs.

Pack fits like a dream:) :D