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2003-02-21, 23:19
A useful, but not a very fun book.

Roland Mueser did a through hike in the mid 90s and published this book in 1998. While doing the thru hike, he gathered names and addresses for a group of people who went on to do all or much of the trail and he interviewed or surveyed them on a bunch of topics.

This is a pretty good slice of what the trail was like a few years ago. It is interesting to see what has changed. There were only 2 ultralighters among the group of 138 respondents.

I didn't take it back to the book store because I figure it will become more interesting as time goes on and things on the trail change.


2003-02-22, 02:00
Flyfisher I thought Roland Mueser's book was a very good cross section kind of book. Another one along the same lines is one by Lynn Stetzer. Have you read it? I'm just south of you about 15 miles so I could loan it to you if you don't have a copy.

2003-02-23, 10:34
There is a lot of good statistical data in Roland Muesser's book. I frequently refer to it for answers to many of the questions posted on sites such as this.

True, some of the survey questions on gear may have changed. but the book gives some good insite into the "average" thru-hike.