View Full Version : Snoring in a hammock

Hog On Ice
2003-02-23, 17:04
Do y'all find that sleeping in a hammock reduces, increases, or does not affect your snoring? I am somewhat undecided myself - I think it is less but I am not sure.

2003-02-23, 20:25
I wouldn't know, I'm asleep!:D

Hammock Hanger
2003-02-28, 00:54
in my hammock. As I have never heard it I doubt it. Now on occasions I do purr... So maybe that is what they heard. :D

Hammock Hanger

2003-02-28, 11:44
Well, at least in my case I have one report where I was told that I was snoring in my Hammock. My son and I had gone into an area near Mt. Stuart to view the alpine larch (Headlight basin area) and during the night, the wind came up and was gusting up to 30 to 40 mph at times (blew my son's tent down it did) and then it started snowing on us. I didn't even have my fly on my HH attached but yet I slept so blissfully (rocking motion of the trees that my HH was attached to) that my poor son not only had to work to get his tent back up but then he had to listen to me snoring (in spite of the wind) from about ten feet away. So, I guess I know that I snore when I'm happy. I did wake up once or twice to kick the snow off and out of my HH. BTW, the temps were in the teens and my Big Agnes Zirkel and fleece clothing plus the reflectix and closed cell pads kept me toasty warm.

2003-02-28, 14:25
Logically it would seem that the fact that a person sleeps mostly on their back would increase the likelihood of snoring.

2003-02-28, 16:41
Me and 3 other kids in my scout troop have HH's. One of the great advantages of them is that you can sleep in MANY more places. SO we might be 200 feet from the tents, where it is nice and quiet. WE are called "pod people", b\c they look kinda like pea pods.


2003-03-26, 16:27
I do a lot of camping in hammocks and I have been told that other people have heard me snoring. I have also heard others snoring and it is invariably the same people, which leads me to believe that you are either a snorer or a non snorer. However the likelihood of snoring is increased tenfold by the quantity of alcohol consumed. If I have had a couple of rums in the evening before retiring, I am usually informed that I snored all night (rubbish, I say), but food (drink) for thought.