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2009-10-22, 23:11

The following is my method of installing a baffle in a 6" can to make the cooking surface the hottest part of the stove, to give control for a slow steady burn and to eliminate the need for a spark arrestor.



baffle in shortest possible 6" can

Spacer is used to mark the added flexible edge that follows the inside of the can and spaces the baffle from under the cook surface
vinegar bottle treatment to counter sink hole for strength when hot.

baffle bent ready to go in


tallest 6"can I have found. Front feed door cut out leaving tabs on top edge. Slits for door jamb are cut after tabs are bent in. Door jamb with slide door beside.


Smoke port cut out, tabs left on lower edge for baffle


Baffle pulled tight to the back and tabs bent around smoke port tabs


Ready to roll up tabs to make a channel for smoke connector latch pin (nail).
Rolled up tabs can be seen on short stove beside.

If anyone wants to make one, the only way I know of to get the size right for the pattern is to fax it.

2009-10-23, 07:52
Looks like it would take up a lot of room in a backpack. . .

2009-10-23, 07:58
Looks like it would take up a lot of room in a backpack. . .
But he's not carrying fuel. I like it but if that's galvanized metal make a couple hot fires while you watch from a distance upwind before using it for cooking.

2009-10-23, 08:04
add a little HEET and magnesium. . . :beer:

2009-10-23, 20:31
That is the most confusing DIY I ever know!
And I've known some confusion in my time.

2009-10-23, 21:23
I'm lost!!

2009-10-23, 22:03
I'm lost!!

Agreed. . . .

2009-10-23, 22:06
Agreed. . . .

Um, I was following you, it's your fault!!!:afraid::argh::argh::argh:

Bilge Rat
2009-10-23, 22:06
Ummmm, Chimpac, could you please explain your project in more detail? I built one, but now I don't know what to do with it.........:albertein

2009-10-23, 22:15
Ummmm, Chimpac, could you please explain your project in more detail? I built one, but now I don't know what to do with it.........:albertein

First, get a gerbil...

Bilge Rat
2009-10-23, 22:28

2009-10-23, 22:31
Agreed. . . .

First, get a gerbil...

What if you don't have a gerbil? Will a sugar glider work??

2009-10-24, 00:05
rabid marmot will also do. . .

2009-10-24, 09:57
But he's not carrying fuel. I like it but if that's galvanized metal make a couple hot fires while you watch from a distance upwind before using it for cooking.

I have used galvanized steel for years and always burn it off by lighting a very hot fire. The same burn off has to be used for a new painted stove/chimney or barbecue. The steel in the stove baffle will not get to you, it is going up the chimney. I want campers to find their own cans and use what ever metal they select for a baffle. I have patterns for 5", 6", one gallon paint , 5 gallon sizes.
It is very easy as you see to put in a baffle and have diferent sizes of stoves for what ever the weather or weight requirements are.
This is my hobby and I am always searching for a better lighter wood burner. I will take some more photos and post some a more detailed description than I already have on this forum and others. Google chimpac.
I am working around the clock right now to finish the barley harvest.

2009-10-27, 00:28
I like take down box stoves, the Kifaru for example or the one I am working on right now for the homemade stove and shelter thread. These are not the very best heating (still can run me out of the shelter) but rock in terms of cooking and packablilty. Toss in a warming tray and it is like having a kitchen on the fly.
(end quote)
The top picture shows a red hot chimney stack robber on a stove without a baffle.
The chimney gets red hot and not the cooking surface when there is no baffle.
A baffle is harder to do in a horizontal stove without smoking in the shelter.
The thermosyphon action is not as strong as a vertical stove

http://images5a.snapfish.com/232323232%7Ffp63247%3Enu%3D3%3B58%3E786%3E25%3A%3E WSNRCG%3D324%3A47837534%3Bnu0mrj
This photo shows were the connector latch pin spears thru the smoke port channel, formed when the baffle was put in. This can is a cookie tin, bigger than a coffee can. It was chosen because it had a slip cover and fits tight to the stove . It is important to have the bottom tight to limit the air for a slow gassifier burn.
http://images5a.snapfish.com/232323232%7Ffp63253%3Enu%3D3%3B58%3E786%3E25%3A%3E WSNRCG%3D324%3A44%3B64834%3Bnu0mrj
The grate in the cone shaped bottom cover can be seen thru the feed door.
http://images5a.snapfish.com/232323232%7Ffp63243%3Enu%3D3%3B58%3E786%3E25%3A%3E WSNRCG%3D324%3A4496%3B%3A34%3Bnu0mrj

The ash catcher/ shield is off. This bottom door is closed when burning a full load of wood and open wide to burn out the charcoal or keep a small fire hot.

2009-10-29, 10:12
backpackers stove?

Just another word or two about the possibility of this stove system being used by backpackers. I am interested in opinions for or against.

The stove/chimney can be made to weigh as light as (I am guessing) 18 ounces maybe less using one chimney section made with titanium and other parts aluminum. When it is made with all steel the total weight of stove/chimney is 2lbs.

It remains to be seen if it is worth the trouble to make the stove body with titanium considering the price and weight of a tin can.

The smallest tapered chimney is 2.5”x 40”. The 20” sections nest and can be rolled up with a sleep pad. All other parts are packed in the stove, the smallest practical stove size being 5”x5”

The chimney is centerpole for a weather tight tarp.
Is there is anything out there for a four season shelter that is better for cost or comfort?

What is the weight of your tent or tarp, stove, and how much fuel you will carry for each day out.

2009-11-24, 01:45
I like it and I have a ton of Stainless to use.

2009-11-26, 21:49
You got my attention. What kind of stainless, sheet, how many thousanths thick? I like to use galvanized sheet steel .011 to .012. and aluminum for the light stoves

For the 5 gallon I use .016 stainless for the bottom cover, stove jack, doors, baffle. I am useing the very light galvanized for the stove pipe because it does not get so hot. I double it where the smoke port is.

I have a ton of the light galvanized I want to use up then it will be stainless all the way.
So what are you thinking?