View Full Version : Altima vs. Wellco Boots

Rich G
2003-02-25, 09:29
Hi All,
I'm in the planning stages of my trip to Belize, I'll be spending a good deal of time in the jungles, so I was considering getting some Jungle boots. I can get both Altama and Wellco in my area. I've heard good things about the Altama's but not to much one way or the other about the wellco's. Any thoughts or other recomendations?

Many thanks,

2003-03-07, 16:16
Never used anything but Altamas, but my experience with them has been outstanding so far. The soles wear out before the rest of the boot does. Fortunately resoling is not too much, and it's less expensive than buying new boots. And who wants to toss out boots that are really well broken in? Not me!