View Full Version : adventure foods . com

2003-02-26, 14:38
If you all want a great food company that has cold prep lunches you really need to check out the adventurefoods.com

I have been eating their food for years and hands down it is the best. i agree with you all to add the hot stuff to anything in the backcountry. the taste buds do seem to go extra bland. this company has some really fine food that cooks really quick and not much weight either. Also, the cold prep salads, such as whitefish and crab, is so good with either a cracker or pita bread. i buy the 2 serving and can split it up for two lunches and get two sandwiches for each day.

2003-02-27, 14:21
thanks for the link to adventurefoods. first time i've heard of them. looks like most of the entrees weigh about 1/4 lb per 2 serving pack. can you confirm this? i was thinking, 5 days of food could consist of 5 entrees (for dinners), 5 cold serve lunches (i love tuna or crab salad on crackers) and weigh about 2 1/2 lbs. throw in another 3 lbs for gorp, snickers and crackers and i get a food weight of near 6 lbs (not bad for a 5 day supply). btw, i can easily eat 2 servings per meal after hiking all day. does this seem a reasonable plan to you (since you're experienced with the stuff). and yes, i know this could be an expensive way to go, but if it's really good, could be worth it.