View Full Version : 3rd Annual Christmas Party in Franklin,NC

Ron Haven
2009-10-31, 15:50
I am starting to put together plans for the 3rd annual Hikers Christmas & South Bounder Party in Franklin,NC on the 2nd weekend in December so it won't be involved with family get togethers.I have reserved the Franklin Memorial Park & Jaycee's Bldg for the event.

We will be Catering BBQ lunch and Dinner on Saturday December 12th.We will be having lots of people coming in from out of town to Franklin on the Friday night before and leaving Sunday.

There will be no alchohol allowed on the property of the Memorial Park grounds because it is city property but at the motels it is ok.I will be announcing within a few days which motel we will be gathering in the afternoon and nights at but has been both years in the past at Budget Inn.

If you would like to attend you can make reservations with HIKER rates at one of my motels and if you pass thru or stay other places you are still invited to come to it.We are planning a fun hiker weekend and sure hope to see you.

If you plan to attend or have questions you can e-mail me at tiamalle@aol.com or 1(828)524-4403 which is the phone number at Budget Inn.Suggestions welcome,
Budget Inn of Franklin,NC 828-524-4403

Sapphire Inn of Franklin,NC 828-524-4406

Franklin Motel of Franklin,NC 828-524-4431

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