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2003-02-26, 15:51
Hello Sgt,

I've been enjoying the site for a while, and just registered to ask a question. I've been seeing this picture of our soliders off loading into Iraq on CNN.com. They look like they are packing a huge load on their backs. I just wondered if any of that load is left up to the discretion of the man? I figure an ultralighter like yourself might be able to do with a lot less.

Also are you being called into this Iraq possible conflict?

Thanx for the excellant informative site, Archer

SGT Rock
2003-02-26, 16:27
Well, most of the time th soldier has a packing list that he must cary, so not very often does the soldier get to chose what they pack.

As for deployment, well, give me a week and maybe I can say either way.

2003-02-27, 01:01
Sarge, I think I saw a note about a Gregory pack that is issued to troops. The pack weighs something like 21 pounds (empty)!!!How many bathrooms does it have?

SGT Rock
2003-02-27, 07:38
In my unit we are still using the ALICE pack thank goodness. There was a move to scrap the MOLE pack (the one you are talking about) because it was so big you couldn't get as many airborne troops on a plane at a time. They finally figured out a way to pack it so you could get as many troops on the plane with the MOLE, but for a minute there I thought they would have to go to another pack. Anyway, since I'm in the Cav, hopefully they take long enough for me to retire before they get to us in the issue, I would hate to do my quarterly 12 miler with something that heavy.

2003-03-02, 17:16
Sarge, What do these military packs weigh in at. Also what about total weight, considering stuff attached to belt, suspenders, etc?

Do they carry everything to camp alone or what?


2003-03-02, 18:44
There is a picture in the Dec,2002 Backpacker magazine of a military pack(marines I think) available to civilians called the Spear pack.It is nearly 9,000 cubic inches and weighs in at 21lbs and cost a thrifty $1,400!!! it is made by Gregory. All it needs is 4 wheels and a motor lol! Streamweaver

2003-03-02, 22:00
before I saw that pack (in USCav I think) a while ago I thought the ALICE pack was heavy, but I must say in the ALICE you can carry a lot of weight comfortably

2003-03-02, 22:39
speaking of gregory, i was just on their website. they have a new pack named "Corn Holio"! seems gregory is catering to idiot, numb-nut pop-culture these days. i'm sure the snow boarders will rejoice! i hear they have a emminem model on the way for the wannabes.

i feel like burning my windriver!

2003-03-24, 19:10
I remember that we carried 35kg (no clue how much in lbs sorry too lazy to convert) in the German Army
that is backpack, combat gear, gun... but probably not as much as you would carry for real deployment with more extras...

2003-03-25, 12:37
35kg = 62.5lbs? I often have violent disagreemants with my calculator, wich is safer than disagreeing with my own brain. I'll come out and be seditious, USA CONVERT TO METRIC! I'm tired of buying two of every tool.

2003-03-25, 13:00
Anyone know (probably the sarge!) where you can find a current list of what they carry? I've been noticing in the press pics a large (aprox 12"x20") pack hanging off the left hind side of the belt, any clue to that piece?

SGT Rock
2003-03-25, 13:11
You talking Army? If you direct me to a pic on the web, I might ID it. Not all units pack the same or have the same equipment.

2003-03-25, 13:20

here is an interactive overview of what we carried (I actually still had the old G3 which is a bit more heavy than the lighweight G36)

you can click on the list in the right, like "Beintasche links"
Bein = leg
tasche = pocket
links = left...

if someone is interested in a translation I may be able to help out :)

but you can click basically thru everything and see the stuff in large which mostly is self-explanatory, like you can open the knife and so on ...

I just found out that in the ABC-bag they forgot the full body cape, which you wear above the rest..

I founda video about the NBC forces here:

if someone is interested... as you may know German NBC units are stationed in Kuwait as well...

2003-03-25, 13:32
I just searched around for a pic, and of course couldn't find anything at the present time.

By the way, thanx for the great site, hope and prayers for you and the family.


2003-03-25, 14:03
Hello Crazy B man,
Thanx for the bundeswehr site. It's pretty entertaining!

2003-03-25, 14:56
I wished packing and carrying would have been entertaining ;)

2003-03-25, 18:03
Entertaining..... I understand... :)
Hey about that large side pack I was wondering about, I think I found a pic. I'm sure I saw it on an American solider, but this pic is of a British fella. Looking at it here, my guess is that it is a gas mask pouch?


2003-03-25, 18:12
Sorry, about the pic address. I tried it after I posted it and the pic has already changed. Next time I'll have one of my kids show me how to do this correctly. I'm not to smart with this internet stuff, but I sure am slow.:)

2003-03-25, 19:10
Great Site CB! I wish my German were a bit better...

Archer, your probably talking about a Pro Mask (gas mask) though it could be one of many things

2003-03-25, 20:04
Wer spricht Deutsch?

2003-03-25, 20:08
Ich sprechen deutsches wenig

2003-03-25, 23:30
Ja. gut genug. Ich auch:)

2003-03-26, 07:55
und ich auch =)

2003-03-26, 11:56
Jeg ikke snakkar Tisk:eek: (or Norske)

2003-03-26, 13:24
CB, I know what you mean! Back in the day, when we had to do extended road marches, I would fight to get the radio for the squad (or platoon leader, or platoon sergeant, or whatever) just so I could carry on quiet conversations with the other radiomen. Made the miles go much easier when I wasn't sweaty AND bored.

2003-03-26, 13:26
as for my proficiency auf Deutsche, uh...zwei dunkles hefe, bitte?

2003-03-26, 15:38
some very pretty pictures you have on your website...

beer, probably the first association with Germany hehe

lucky me didn't have to carry the full gear so often just like for a very few marches, in basic training here (which lasts only 2 months) you dont go out with full stuff and overnight often.

I got some pictures of my time staying there + a shooting with reserve troops, however no images of my basic training...


the "grey ugly uniform" is only for mountain forces, the rest of the army has a nicer "go-out" uniform.

2003-03-27, 15:46
Thanks for the compliment. As for the beer, but of course -- after all, my Bayern ancestors didn't struggle through the years just so I could drunk crappy American brews.

Nice photos! Think my favorite is of the lucky stiff with the girl on top of the Leopard 2 here.


Wonder if the Leo 2 is as nice of a ride as (or better than) the M1A1 -- they certainly seem to have a lot of similarities, not the least of which was that sweet, sweet 120mm main gun you gave us.

2003-03-30, 17:57
I just found a pic!
In regards to my earlier Q re a large pack hanging of the belt on our soliders.
Check out the solider on the home page. The Sarge, I presume.

2003-03-30, 23:26
Hi Archer,
Yes that is the Sarge. Picture was taken this morning. That large pack hanging off is his gas mask case.