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2003-02-28, 19:07
No real opinion. I guess if you don't like meat, well fine. I dont like lots of things and that really doesn't change much on the trail. as far as being omnivorous is concerned, we are alot like bears. The nice thing about being omnivorous is the ability to choose. The one thing that annoys me about some vegans is that they imply since they love animals that I (in eating them) must hate them. honestly I feel no malice towards the animals I eat, and truly never think about it much. it's nice being at the top of the food chain. Owls don't hate field mice any more than cows hate grass. Mother nature is a brutal mistress sometimes.

An aside... it seems that for much of human history we have been hunters first and gatherers second, and finally farmers last. So I am not sure that we evolved to be vegan. Modern society allows us to make that choice, and I guess that is part of being human. We also keep pets. (usually predators incidentally) which is seemingly unique to our species. So our attitudes and actions towards animals help define us a species.

introspective rant. sorry.


2003-03-01, 00:07
Just too clear up some points, Veganism as opposed to Vegatarianism, is the choice to remove animal products as much as possible from your daily life. This includes all leather products, dairy, eggs, glue.
(not picking on you Sundog, just writing for the benefit of the curious) Vegans sometimes can't get along with vegetarians even. I tried Veganism for awhile and liked it, a lot, too much so. (I'm being dramatic) There's nothing quite satisfying as turning down a bit of Pop tart because it has a little dairy in it, I do love upsetting people:D I lost a lot of extra weight, and never felt healthier, untill I hiked the AT. Then I started eating dairy and eggs again because I wasn't doing mail drops, and as I have mentioned, Pop tarts and snickers are not Vegan. It's very good discipline and healthy if done right, you need acsess to the proper foods though. It's also a good way to punk out and annoy others:D