View Full Version : Isis & jackrabbit's _Southbound_ book

Hog On Ice
2009-11-22, 22:26
I really liked this book. The way it is written I found to be quite nice with the POV switching between the two sisters - much more interesting than the usual single point of view that most trail books have. I actually met them briefly in Shen as they were hiking thru so when they reached that section in their book I could remember what it was like hiking through that recently burned over section of the trail. Another thing that I found quite nice was all the memories that came back to me when they talked about the parts of the trail that I had hiked this year - a very nice rush of associations and memories for me.

One thing that I found that hit close to home for me was jackrabbit's comments about her depression from page 168:

"I have struggled against depression for most of my life. It is difficult to write about; all its metaphors have become trite and shopworn. I see depression as an undercurrent in my life, a swift and dark river flowing along beneath my calm surface. The water is cold and deep, the banks slippery, but there is something in its glittering surface and unquiet murmur that invites me closer. To me, depression seems the ultimate form of self-absorption; I become trapped in the refracted rays of my self-awareness. I examine my life in minute detail, and each new detail is a revelation of failure. Losing sight of everything outside of my misery, I begin to wonder how I can justify the existence of something so wretched, so entirely horrible, as myself. Every day I struggle against depression; like a recovering alcoholic or an addict, I can keep my self-destructive urge under control, but I will never be entirely free of the seductive pull."

This is very revealing to me and the problems that I have with depression and alcohol - the dark river and the slippery banks.