View Full Version : hammock pocket

2003-03-03, 12:38
I decided that I needed a storage pocket on my Crazy Crib hammock, so I took an old mesh pocket that I'd salvaged from an old tent and sewed it to the outside edge of my hammock. Now I have a place to put glasses, watch, and headlamp when I go to sleep. I mounted the pocket near the end of the hammock, just beyond my head.

2003-03-03, 16:23
The HH comes with one that slides on the support rope, real handy.

2003-03-04, 05:02
the internal line in the HH, the one that the little storage pouch is on and the clips...
anything wrong with installing a grab loop so you can grab it when you need to adjust your body position?
your thoughts appreciated.

2003-03-04, 07:29
No, nothing wrong with this idea at all. It was one of my first "mods" to my HH. You may have to work at getting a knot that won't slide on the rideline but I'm sure you can come up with something. It helps if you pitch the hammock with the foot slightly elevated as well. I've come to prefer this.

As for the hanging net pouch that comes with the HH - this proved to be such an excellent idea that I promptly installed a second and larger one.