View Full Version : butterfield trail (Devils Den)

2003-03-03, 12:57
Location: about 45 minutes north of Fort Smith, 25 Minutes South of Fayetteville.

Well I did this one this weekend as a power day hike... 15 miles. the map reported a total elevation gain of 900 feet. what they neglected to mention was 900 feet up and down about 5 times. Junction camp (mile 9.5 on the park issued map) is accesible to ATVs and is consequently a dump. Rock Hole camp at mile 7 however is nice with ready access to water. there is also a "hike in" camp site at mile 1.5 that looked nice as well (not much in the way of water). This would be an ideal trail to introduce someone to backpacking, there are some old homestead sites that are nothing more than a hearth and patches of daffodills. (jonquils). There is also a great bluff at about 4.75.
I would probably like to do this trail as a 2 nighter.... hike in to the hike in campsite on a friday evening, Rock Hole on saturday evening, and out by about 2 pm on sunday. That would budget plenty of time for rest and exploration by the novice hiker.