View Full Version : New camping fee!

2003-03-04, 17:09
FYI, AZT hikers:

If you plan to camp within the Saguaro National Park east of Tucson (Coronado National Forest, Rincon Mts), a new $6.00 per night camping fee has been socked to us, effective 3/1/03. Better not plan to stay in one place in the Park too long....it'll cost you! We backpackers have been soaked again! I've complained, wrote a letter to the local paper, etc. Perhaps a few of you out there might voice your opinions as well before we're priced out of our tax-supported campgrounds!


2003-03-05, 22:07
Ow. I'm guessing this is in addition to my $20/year Mount Lemmon/Sabino Canyon/Madera Canyon pass.

2003-03-06, 11:30
You've got that right. $18 to camp 3 nights in the Rincons.....$20 to camp 365 nights in the Catalinas. Makes a lot of sense, doesn't it?

2003-05-24, 22:37
Up in Red Rock country (Sycamore, Beaver, Oak Creek Drainages) you will see a bumper sticker proclaiming, "CAN'T SEE THE FORREST FOR THE FEES" that protests the same 'double dipped and clipped' actions by the goobermint.

2003-05-25, 07:01
You have my sympathies, but hell, you've got it relatively easy. The most spectacular hike in my neck of the woods (Nova Scotia) costs $18.00 per night for a primitive back country site. It would seem to be the most expensive hiking experience on the planet. At these prices people sneak in and don't pay and who can blame them?