View Full Version : Standing Indian Basin

2003-03-05, 22:15
FYI: if you're looking for a great NC day hike, Standing Indian is a great way to go. It's off Old US 64 west of Franklin. The Appalachian Trail comes up heading roughly NE from the GA border, then makes about a 270 degree circuit along the ridgelines before straightening back out to the north. (If I remember right, the Nantahala River starts in the Standing Indian basin.) There are plenty of side trails to hike through the basin, which makes it easy to do a loop hike. For that matter, it's easy to do several loop hikes.

My favorite: starting at the Standing Indian campground, hike up the Kimsey Creek trail (very pretty, gentle slope) to where it joins the AT, then hike the AT up to the bald on top of Standing Indian Mountain (outstanding views). To get back down, head south along the ridgeline on the AT until you reach the Long Ridge Trail and take this back down to the backcountry information center in the campground. Hike along the creek in the campground and you're back at the car. Too easy.

I've done this circuit hike as well as the reverse way, and let me tell you, you do NOT want to be hiking up the Long Ridge Trail if you can help it. It will bust your hump.