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SGT Rock
2009-12-24, 12:48
I've created a whole new website for the BMT Thru-Hikers guidebook.


I've also started working on a Google maps file which will show all the possible road access points to the BMT for you shuttle guys like Cool Breeze. That file will also list all the service providers listed in the guide so you can find them with a car GPS. Each listing has Lat/Lon and also the street address when it has one.


Postholer.com has also created a BMT trail file where you can look at the trail in a map through Google maps. It lets you check distances between points and elevations at specific points.


On the new BMT Guide site, I've also started a page to collect all the BMT videos out there on the internet. If you find one I don't know about, send me a link.


And finally, I'm considering re-naming the guide to the Long Distance Hiker Guide or something like that. Not everyone that would use this guide is going to be a thru-hiker. If you have any response of feedback feel free to chime in.