View Full Version : LaafGear Whisperlite replacement parts

2003-03-07, 17:38
these replacement parts were mentioned by someone on this forum (or somewhere else). for the prospect of saving 4oz of my whisperlite's weight, i ordered the kit. only 24 bucks with shipping.

the kit consists of an aluminum shaft body, replacing the brass original and three SS legs of lighter guage and different design than original ( see http://www.laafgear.com. for pictures).

While I don't have a means to weigh the thing, the weight savings seem understated. It's very light!

It took me all of 2 mins to put the thing together. you'll need to be careful in assembly and disassembly because with aluminum, it will be much easier to strip the threads (both with the top screw and especially the primer cup).

The legs don't fold as the originals do, however the more compact design lets the whole stove fit in my MSR Titan Kettle. The legs are just as stable as the originals.

Stove operation - no different than original.

Durability - only time will tell - I'll be finding out on my upcoming sobo thru-hike.

So far I'm happy! This seems a great alternative for those, like me, who are unwilling to give up their whisperlite. BTW, this company is nice to deal with and ships quickly.