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Rowdy Yates
2009-12-26, 11:23
:aetsch: The Twin Forks Trail is 20 miles in length; rating is easy. The trail is located on the East and West forks of Stones River and the backup of J. Percy Priest Lake, where the two rivers join. The trail is on land managed by the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers in Rutherford County. The eastern access is at Walter Hill Dam and Recreation Area on U.S. 231, about 26 miles south of I-40 at Lebanon or 5 miles north of Murfreesboro. U.S. 231 is a link in the Trail of Tears State Scenic Route. The trailhead is located on the south side of Stones River by an old dam and reservoir in the Walter Hill Park and Picnic Area. There is a second access point at the East Fork Recreation Area, at mile 14 off Central Valley Road,which turns west from U.S. 231 near the trailhead at Walter Hill Park. The western terminus is at Nice's Mill Dam on Sulphur Springs Road. Most of this trail is multiple use, shared by horse and foot traffic. A portion of the foot trail from Walter Hill to the East Fork Recreation Area is separated from the horse trail and is better for hikers.

There are numerous camping spots along this trail but no water, so one must carry their water. About 10 years back, I spent numerous hours, days and weeks clearing and marking this trail. It was blazed in both direction with a 2" x 6" white blaze. There are numerous places where the river has large inlets and side trip around this may be necessary. At the point where the Stones River splits there was, many year back, a village known as Old Jefferson. Some of the foundations can still be recognized. At some point along this trail I-840 crosses it and I am not currently aware of what impact this had on the foot trail. If anyone should hike this trail, I would appreciate any feed back from you.

Rowdy Yates
2017-09-16, 13:28
Updated info has been added to this site.