View Full Version : GA Trail Shuttle Service

2003-03-09, 14:34
We provide daily shuttle service to and from the Appalachian Trail. We've operated the shuttle for the last 4 years and have never missed a trip.

If you're a hiker don't bother going to Gainsvlle. Just come straight to Atlanta. It will save you both time and money!

The shuttle runs once a day based upon the last pick-up time. Sometimes we may have more than one pick-up so you may have to wait for the second pick-up. As an example: if you arrive at 10:00 AM and someone else arrives at 12:00 PM we would wait for the second party's arrival before leaving for the trail. If there is a substantial time difference between pick-ups we may shuttle you when you arrive.

We include a stop at the local REI and grocery store for fuel and last minute items. If you are arriving before or after the store hours we will pick-up fuel for you at cost.

Check us out at http://www.ga-adventures.com/at.html