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2003-03-10, 19:18
Hiking butterfield trail, (devils den) in NW Arkansas this weekend, any one is welcome to join me. I am planning on 2.5 days, so a fairly lazy pace. I hate hiking solo, but will if I have to.
let me know if you are interested. I will be hinking to the walk in camp on friday evening, rock hole on sat, and out on sunday. If pushed, one could make it to the parking lot by about noon on sunday. (time left for travel.) hike in on friday evening is only about a mile and a half, so 45 minutes tops.

Beuller? Beuller?


2003-03-16, 01:39
well, it turned into 1.8 days. I hiked alot faster than I thought I would, and I never did find a partner. I really hate hiking alone, mainly because I get bored about 8 when the sun goes down. so I usually fall asleep. Then, about 2 (when it couldn't be colder) bladder pressure forces me out of my nice warm bag and into the night to pee, where if I wasn't bored I would get to be about 11 or so and make it to the next morning.

anyway, trip otherwise went great, this is the second time in 2 weeks I have done this trail... What a HUGE difference. every thing is suddenly alive! a couple of weeks ago we still had snow on the ground and icicles on the rocks. This weekend I saw budding plants, a salamander, an unnamed small snake, (well, not one I know at least.) and far too many ATVs. Oh yes.. the ticks are out in Arkansas, so I assume any one in our lattitude and further south needs to be careful. as an aside, If you get a flu like illness mention to your doctor tick exposure. even if you don't find one, it doesn't really matter, as the nymph stage is the usual culprit in most TBDs. 50% of all tick borne disease has no history of tick bite. therefore, US are the ones most likely to be affected at this point. but I rant.

tomorrow I think I will ride the motorcycle down to mount magazine and do some day hiking, as I have already budgeted the time for outdoor pursuits.


2003-03-16, 01:50
has any one else noticed how much a freckle looks like a tick when you are in the shower after a hike with your glasses off?

-sundog (actually going to bed now.)