View Full Version : Lafuma bags

SGT Rock
2003-03-12, 10:26
While I was home on leave, I went to the local outfitters to browse. In the Sleeping bags was a Lafuma Warm'n Light 800 Down bag. It weighs 30.7 ounces with the stuff sack, and has a US rating of about 27*, but since it is European made the package has that system of 4*C comfort, -3*C limit, and -11*C extreme. I decided to buy it because - get this - it only cost $130 dollars for a +800 down about 30* bag. Since we aren't in for much cold weather down here and I'm about to head to the desert where it will be very hot, I was wondering if anyone has experience with the Lafuma bags. This price, weight, and apparent quality looks like a great ultralight deal for those weight concience hikers on a budget. The stats seem very similar top the Marmot Arroyo, but at 1/2 the price.