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SGT Rock
2003-03-12, 11:46
Last week when I was heading out for a day hike, I was looking for some good, easy to prepare foods. In Wal-Mart I found Nutella which I love, but I didn't know it was available at Wal-Mart. I first tried it in Germany back in the 80's and loved it. In the 90's I found it at the Commissary, and now apparently you can get it.

In case you have never heard of it, it is hazel nut spread with cocoa added. I absolutly hate peanut butter, but this stuff is good and can be spread like peanut butter.

2003-03-12, 13:51
And if I remember correctly, it's Vegan.

Zero Day
2003-03-12, 14:25

Check this out.

SGT Rock
2003-03-12, 15:10
It contains skim milk. As I understand veganism this means it doesn't qualify.

2003-03-12, 18:51
Gotta love the Nutella. Although there's something to be said about too much of a good thing. Nutella is so sweet that it gets to me pretty easily; I have to enjoy in small doses or I start to feel sick (or at least really full).

Vegan, non-Vegan, makes no difference to me. My ancestors didn't claw their way up the food chain so that I could start grazing. ;)

[Relax, Moby, it was a JOKE!]

Zero Day
2003-03-13, 10:02
I picked some up at the FoodMax last night. With 200 calories in two tablespoons it is right in there with peanut butter. More sugar but less fat. BTW how do you pronounce it? Is it NEW tella or NUT ella?

SGT Rock
2003-03-13, 10:13
I have always heard is as Nut-ella

2003-03-13, 10:56
Damn, wrong again.

2003-03-13, 20:08
Veganism = milk is NO NO:D

where are the Dancing vegan; bananas on this site:confused:

SGT Rock
2003-03-13, 22:24
Come over to the dark side. Besides milk is ment to be drank, it ain't meat.

2003-03-14, 12:55
Milk is for baby cows!:D I do, unfortuneatly, consume dairy products at the moment. Last year I started my thru-turned section hike on a basicly vegan diet(purely vegan before hand, but as I've mentioned, very little to be bought along the trail is truly vegan) After I went into caloric deficit (I lost around 25lbs in 2 months) I started in on the dairy and eggs, got seriously ill for a few days, then developed the necassary probiotics and tolerance for the food. This year I'll be ready for dairy to begin with, but will probably go Vegan again after the hike. My initial entry into the Vegan diet stopped my daily heartburn, dropped a lot of useless weight, and left me feeling healthier all over (some of wich was certainly psycho-somatic) But improved health is a natural outcome when you pay attention to every detail of everything you consume, no more junk-food period. Self riteousness is also beneficial to the psyche:D

2003-03-14, 17:03
redbeard veganism suits us psychos...

paying attention to what you eat is important...I eat vegan except for fish and I try not to think about the milk and egg that is in pancakes:D ....other wise I don't eat milk or egg unless it is in somebodys b'day cake,,,,I do eat fish ...My justification is in my new program WWJE...what would Jesus eat??????? an evening of storytellling including dinner all for a LOVE offering...amen

we do know that jesus ate fish! and so do I...how's that for some psycho self-rightousness?????????

2003-03-15, 10:39
Oh, for cryin'-out-loud! Is this a hiking forum - or a platform for dietary and phylosophical extremism?

See: www.vegan.org - or - www.falwell.com

Okay, so Mary and Joseph weren't looking for lodging - they were trying to find a dependable supply of soy milk and a health food co-op.

Everybody's gotta be someplace! But it don't have to be the SAME place. Thank God!!!

Now - that being said - does anybody have anything to share about "Trail Cooking and Food" - "because 'everybody' likes to eat"?

Hike your own hike! :confused:

2003-03-15, 15:26
Originally posted by GrizzlyBear
Oh, for cryin'-out-loud! Is this a hiking forum - or a platform for dietary and phylosophical extremism?


If your Not livin and eatin on the EDGE your takin up to much room!!!!!:D

Everybody's gotta be someplace! :eek:

2003-03-15, 15:37
are Nut-tellas...anything like storytellas :confused:

2003-03-16, 01:05
I wonder what chipotle tobasco would taste like with nutella?



p.s. I know a guy who was so committed to a nonviolent lifestyle that he would only eat food that had fallen from the tree
yup, he had some dietary issues. when he finally developed a neuropathy and his weight hit about 130 pounds his friends intervened and stopped the madness. Me? I prefer to stay omnivorous. My only condition is that my food isn't moving. I have been known to violate that rule however. :)

2003-03-16, 15:31
Quit brushing your teeth, you'll kill bacteria!:D

2003-03-17, 14:58
Not to get too far off topic, but Jesus was a carpenter and hung out with the working class, so he ate what they ate. My guess is that if he grew up in present-day Gainesville, Georgia (it's been theorized before -- see "Cotton Patch Gospel," music by Harry Chapin), he'd be driving a big ol' beat-up pickup and eating BBQ pork, fried chicken, and cheeseburgers. Probably washing it down with Miller High Life, the champagne of beers.

Just my two cents, and this is tongue-in-cheek, so please no flames.

2003-03-17, 17:25
Since jesus was actually jewish, I doubt he would have been eating the BBQ. maybe if it was kosher beef BBQ, (you know, texas style.)
For other musical interludes check out Kinky Freidmans "they aint makin jews like jesus anymore"


(the kindling has been laid, now we just need a match.)

2003-03-17, 18:53
well we "know " that jesus ate fish....and bread..probably falafel...
Jesus a carpenter?? maybe...more likely a stone mason.....as the aramaic word that has been tradtionally translated as carpenter actually translates closer to "builder" ... stone was and is the more likely building material in the area.

and Wine jesus drank a lot of wine!!!

hanging with the working class..sometimes...and with accountants(tax collectors) also Jesus had some rich friends like the guy that gave him a tomb.

and jesus was a hiker...he did a lot of traveling on foot...

2003-03-17, 19:09
Oh, Dr. sundog - you bad! I'm tryin' so hard to be good! Now, stop it! Go build a stove, or something.:p

2003-03-17, 23:58
one of the things I love about this board is that the people who populate it are really pretty tolerant of other members opinion. We have managed to take three very explosive issues, religion, veganism and barbcue, douse them in kerosene, play with matches, and yet still no flame war.

Why this board has attracted tolerant people while every other board

has attracted people who like to fight alot is curious. I hope we continue to garner that kind of hiker, rather than the pugnacious intolerant type.

(minor rant)


p.s. actually I did build a stove tonight... a scott henderson with the holes drilled in the sides! so I could use the stove itself as a pot support. problem is that I have to wait for it to prime before I can set the pot down. I may try a priming pan and see how that works. I will post results when I have them.

2003-03-18, 00:51
Vegans bar-b-que too..we just bar-b-que tofu!:D

2003-03-18, 12:51
Actually I eat a fair amount of Vegan stuff, usually morningstar farms and Boca mainly because they taste pretty good and have a lot less fat. Last night I had Boca Burgers grilled outside. (I cant not add aromatic carcinogens, they taste good!) Since I started my diet my meat intake has dropped substantially mainly because of fats.


2003-03-18, 13:04
My other motivation for following a rather strict diet is elevated cholesterol and trigylcerides due to PI therapy...and lypodystrophy so I have to be real careful...hiking and meal planning a low fat High calorie diet is rather challenging...I also try to have most of my food organic...

Careful Sundog medical questions are everywhere!!!!:D

2003-03-18, 13:36
I just discovered Tempeh, it may be a breakthrough in vegetarian hiking food, like tofu, but without the "bean jelly" problem. I may start a whole thread on tempeh if I can discover it's particular hikeability issues.