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SGT Rock
2003-03-12, 21:10
Should SGT Rock become Top Rock?

2003-03-12, 21:30
Top Rock is cool but I Personally like Sgt Rock!! Sounds like a Wrestler or Something! I have a freind who was thinking of becoming a wrestler his last name is Crab and he goes about 350 lbs (not all that fat either!!) we were gonna call him King Crab!! LOL Streamweaver

SGT Rock
2003-03-12, 21:36
SGT is the abbriviation for sergeant. Back in the day when I got that or took it as a trail name, I was only a staff sergeant (E6), that was about 6 or 7 years ago. In the Army, Sergeant is the Term of address for E5-E7 (Sergeant through Sergeant First Class). To call me SGT rock up until last year was still correct, athough I was really a SFC, but I digress...

Anyway, last year I made the E8 list and was frocked to 1SG. In the Army, Air Force, and Marines, an E8 is a First Sergeant (1SG), but the nickname is "Top" becaue a First Sergeant is the "Top Sergeant" in the company. Veterans know what I mean, and some of you may have seen it in the movies.

Last year Trail Yeti and someone else I can't remember said I should change my trail name to Top Rock since I'm now a 1SG, and lots of the e-mails and some posts even reffer to me as Top. I'm of the opinon you should get your trail name from the hiker friends you hike with. Since I don't get to hike with y'all (I'm almost always solo) and I'm about to be off the trail (or any trail) for a long time, I figured if you guys thought it was cool I would go with it.

2003-03-12, 22:54
Sorry to hear of the family troubles. My wife and I have seen both our parents pass over the last few years. Never easy, you have my thoughts and prayers.

Keep Sgt. Rock, the Sgt is the glue that holds a unit together, and you certainy are the glue here.

Our prayers go with you if/when you deploy and until you return home to your family. My only bit of advice would be to remember it's not training, it's real. That may sound trite, but a number of guys I was around that didn't make it just did not adjust fast enough. There are not many second chances in a firefight.

Make sure you pass along an address, you just never know what might show up in a goodie box.

2003-03-13, 11:00
How about Rolling Rock? Or is that trademarked by the Brewery:D

2003-03-13, 12:30
Dang. I want my vote back; I just changed my mind. No reason why you can't keep "SGT Rock" as a trail name and just have those in the know call you "Top."

If nothing else, the original SNL cast taught us one beautiful universal truth: Shimmer is a floor wax AND a dessert topping. I think the same thing applies here.

Dan Ackroyd: "Mmm, tastes great!"
Gilda Radner: "And just look at that shine!"

2003-03-13, 14:23
my vote is to keep SGT ROCK.

when i hiked in 2000, i started with the name "chief" because everyone called me that years before i ever considered hiking the AT. somewhere in the smokies, someone tried to hang "10 degrees" on me because i was always wishing it was just 10 degrees warmer or cooler. didn't stick, though i had no objection! i'll always be "chief" on or off the trail. it's hard to get anyone to use my real name, even here at home.

you'll always be "SGT ROCK"

2003-03-13, 14:36
How 'bout Top SGT Rock?

The way I look at it, when SGT Rock first introduced himself by that name, he could barely make a stove. By exhibiting extrordinary initiative, skills and personal motivation he have proved his metal. And that of his stoves.

But SGT Rock was not content rest and enjoy the attendant commendations. He took it upon himself to mentor and encourage those hammock stringers with whom he associated. As those men and woman move forward among the trees, his impact is being multiplied at an exponential rate througout the land.

In challenging times, it was SGT Rock who did not hesitate to lift the fallen banner at whiteblaze.net. Without hesitation or regard to family time, and with a sprirt of unusual determination, SGT Rock led us forward to an even better cyber place than we thought possible. And while doing so it was a gracious SGT Rock who kept reminding us the debt of gratitude we owed to the webmaster who came before.

Last but not least, SGT Rock has introduced the expression "No Sniveling" into more homes than he can possibly imagine (I wish I didn't introduce it to my wife, but that's my problem).

What more can I say?

Does SGT Rock have a good ring to it? Sure. But comes a time to recognize past contributions and future potential. I am thinking he should seriously consider accepting the name of Top SGT Rock. Not because he was promoted in the US Army, but rather because it seems to be a better description of the man we know on the Web, and hope to see out on the trail someday.

Rick B

Zero Day
2003-03-13, 16:14
Would the Top Rock gather any moss?

2003-03-13, 17:40
Id follow the results of the poll as of now.


2003-03-13, 22:05
Other trail name..

Mr. Dixicritter......

is an explanation necessary???LOL

2003-03-13, 22:23
If it ain't broke....don't fix it.

Keep the old moniker.....and congratulations on that 'lil diamond to go with the rocker....3 up and 3 down is a pretty exclusive club.


john pickett
2003-03-14, 10:52
A U.S.Marine First Sargeant I knew stated "a top's a toy, I'm a First Sargeant"

SGT Rock
2003-03-14, 11:21
I've heard that from some 1SGs at well, but an old CSM once told me that it is a good idea to let the soldiers call you that because they do it from respect. The nickname top is an old tradition. SMA (Sergeant Major of the Army) Ret. Bambridge even named his book "Top Sergeant".

2003-03-14, 13:31
Originally posted by smokymtnsteve
Other trail name..

Mr. Dixicritter......

is an explanation necessary???LOL

LMAO Thank ya SMSteve I needed that good laugh today.

As for a name change, why mess up a good thing dear. I think folks have come to respect and maybe even like "SGT Rock" for who he is. Now stop snivelling and keep your name honey. ;)

2003-03-14, 15:19
Originally posted by dixicritter
Now stop snivelling and keep your name honey. ;)

ah yes, memories of married life!

2003-03-16, 12:51
A Sgt. is the immediate and close leader of the man (and woman) actually in the trenches getting exposed and in the line of fire. The Sgt. is the guy out there braving the elements with them.
You may arise to a higher rank in the Army, but you will always be SGT. ROCK on the trail. :D

2003-03-17, 00:13
Y'all can call yerself any ol' thing ya like, but, being an old jarhead, I've never called a 1st Sgt. anything but "Top", and I'm too damned old to change, now. It'd be like calling my old man "kid". It just isn't done! To me, it's just plain and simply a matter of respect for for a position well earned.

Hike yer own hike, Top. It's your site, and it's your call, but when you make Sgt. Major, I'll call ya Sir! It's just the way we are.

2003-03-17, 23:52
Keep it SGT!! I just registered in order to vote, I was going to anyway, but this challenge required action.
I really enjoy your site and your signiture. I know many who believe sniveling is a key part of camping.


SGT Rock
2003-03-19, 16:23
I'll just stick with SGT Rock then. Y'all can cal me Top or Sarge or Rock, or whatever, even nicknames get nicknames I guess.

Rickboudrie makes me sound better than I really am. Thanks.

2005-09-23, 13:11
SGT Rock,

The Backbone of the U. S . Military Services is the Non Commissioned Officer Corps...Sergeant is the is the ubiquitous term common in all the ranks of the U.S. Army, Marine Corps and Air Force Non Commissioned Officer Corps..."SGT" defines the central nerve of leadership and mission accomplisment where and when boots meet the ground.

When the going gets tough, it is not about nicknames or terms of endearment...it is all about the strength and guts of the spine, Sergeant.

Colonel, U.S. Army, Retired