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2010-01-27, 22:55
For all of you hammock campers and hammock lovers out there please note that Hammock Bliss has a new website:

For USA and the rest of the world check out:


For Australia Only check out:


Hammock Bliss is listed on this website as a hammock manufacturer but the link is out of date unfortunately.

Hammock Bliss offers great hammock solutions with 4 sizes of hammocks ranging from the new 13 oz Ultralight to the enormously large Triple Hammock which is 98 inches wide.

We also offer 2 hammocks with netting attached, a Net Cocoon that surrounds your hammocks with NoSeeUm netting, waterproof shelters, ultralight daypacks and more.

Call me with any questions or to chat about hammock camping

520 577-7779


Dov Frazer
Chief Relaxation Officer
Hammock Bliss