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2003-03-05, 12:49
How about adding the Wonderland Trail in Washington state
We did the 92.6 miles last September. It was a great hike


Bandana Man
2003-03-05, 22:53
Cookie, I sure would like a trip report on that Wonderland trail. Read about it in Backpacker magazine and my wife and I are interested in hiking it.

2003-03-05, 23:35
Bandana Man, I have a journal on Trailjournals.com , you can do a search on Cookie or go under year 2002 and then to Wonderland Trail, which is the very last journal on that page.


Bandana Man
2003-03-06, 00:03
Thanks, Cookie! Looking forward to reading it!

2003-03-06, 10:44
Bandana Man, here is a link that has a lot of good info.


2003-03-06, 21:38
Continental divide Trail through the Winenuche (this has got to be misspelled). It runs from Wolf Creek Pass to Silverton. This trail is extremely beautiful. There is this very odd geological feature called the window. Two perfect right angles in the side of the mountains...You can see it for days.

Bandana Man
2003-03-06, 23:39
Cookie, my wife and I very much enjoyed your journal and photos from the Wonderland Trail. You were there in September, which is the same time of year that we take our hiking trips -- our anniversary is Sept. 1. Now we know what weather and scenery to expect. Great pictures! Your gear list said it was a Canon Elph LT, right? There is another thread about cameras somewhere (Sgt Rock's or whiteblaze, not sure which site.) People on that thread are debating which camera to take on a thru and your pictures might be something they would like to see if they are considering the same camera. Also, I found the Mount Rainier website and saved it on my Favorites list. Lot to look at there. I appreciate all the great info! Thanks again.
PS How is your friend Dale? Hope he's all right now.

2003-03-12, 12:40
Bandana Man, the pictures were taken with a digital camera,SORRY. I did use my Camon Elph and it took great pic's also. Dale is doing just fine. No major problems. We did have some very unusal good weather on your hike. Be prepared for any kind of weather in Sept. Plan on trying to get your camp site reservations about 3 months before your start date. Mowich Lake camp and Sunrise Camp are good places for food cashe.:)

2003-03-14, 11:20
Sarge, how about adding the WT to this list.
Thanks, Cookie

SGT Rock
2003-03-14, 11:39

2003-03-15, 00:31
Hi Cookie,
I just read your journal. Very well done! I hiked the WT in Sep 01. Since then I continue to go back for weekend hikes on the trail. The most recent trip was in Nov. I hiked south from Mowich lake to Golden Lakes. There was at least a foot of snow on the ground at the lakes. During the night we got an additional 3-4". I just can't get enough of Mt Rainier...

2003-03-16, 15:21
Just wanted to add my two bits worth. I hiked the Wonderland a few years back. If you go counter clockwise you have a better chance of getting your campsites. You will also have more elevation gain. Mowich Lake is a good spot for a resupply but camp at Mowich river. This trip was one of the best I've ever been on. The variety of landscape and different scenery is amazing. If memory serves the elevation changes from about 2500 ft. to around 7000 ft. The suspension bridges were an unexpected pleasure! Greentrails has good maps of the trail. Oh by the way climb Manhattan peak if you have time. hafdome