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2010-02-09, 17:04
Searching for accurate topo maps and info(up to date) on the CO portion of the CDT is like hunting Easter Eggs any other month except April! These people have NO clue what the CDT is, and rightfully so it is likely due to the plethora of trails lessens the thunder of The Wild Child.

At this point I'm on a constant mission to find such info without ordering it online. Gives me an excuse to frequent map stores and local outfitters.

2010-02-10, 19:55
The CDT is marked on most of the maps for Colorado that I have seen. I think the CDT guidebook for Co. has maps in it too.

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2011-06-04, 09:51
Trails Illustrated maps for the Colorado CDT: (these are the good ones, although expensive, that are on waterproof paper and have the lat/lon marks on the sides and top and bottom)
The CDT and CO trail are marked on them. (from what i remember, I haven't seen my maps in a few years as they get passed around a lot. I think they've done the trail at least 5 times now)

102 Indian Peaks/Gold Hill
126 Holy Cross/Ruedi Reservior
103 Winter Park/Central City/Rollins Pass
127 Aspen/Independence Pass
104 Idaho Springs/Loveland
129 Buena Vista/Collegiate Peaks
108 Vail/Frisco/Dillon
130 Salida/St. Elmo/Shavano Peak
109 Breckenridge/Tennessee Pass
139 La Garita/Cochetopa Hills
110 Leadville/Fairplay
140 Weminuche Wilderness
115 Rand/Stillwater Pass
141 Silverton/Ouray/Telluride/Lake City
116 Hahns Peak/Steamboat Lake
142 South San Juan/Del Norte
117 Clark/Buffalo Pass
200 Rocky Mountain National Park
118 Steamboat Springs/Rabbit Ears Pass