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2003-03-15, 16:15
First time section hiker needs advice. I am planning my first section hike of the A.T. I will hike 5-6 days starting at Springer and hikeing to Unicoi Gap (50.7 miles). I am 58 years old and I am not a fast hiker. A 8-10 mile day is about my speed. My questions are:

1. Should I drive to Unicoi Gap and get a shuttle to Springer and hike back to Unicoi Gap? Is there a safe place to leave my vehicle there?

2. Or drive to Springer Mtn Trailhead (Usfs 42) and hike to Unicoi Gap and get a shuttle back to Springer. Can you leave a vehicle here for several days and is it safe? Is there a cost?

3. Who are recommended shuttles and what is the cost? How much advance notice do they need?

Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

Thank You

2003-03-15, 16:51
what is the date of this section hike??? ..I'm leaving in the AM
2-morrow(3-16-03) to section hike from neels gap where you can leave a car at MTN Crossings and hikin up to franklin,NC and then return southbound to neels...those first few miles between springer and woody gap can get real crowded in the spring of the year...

2003-03-15, 17:47
Hike date is sometime in april or may exact date not set . Have a good hike .