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2003-03-16, 23:04
Just finished sewing a hammock-compatible bivy sack. Goretex top and coated ripstop bottom with half-length zipper. I made it to use either on the ground or in a hammock. Both ends have 12 inch velcro slits through which the hammock ties can extent. I had to make the head end longer than necessary for ground use in order to clear the end of the hammock. Seems to add quite a bit of warmth while in the hammock. One could put insulation or extra clothes in the bottom portion under the hammock. Here's a picture:

2003-03-17, 20:16
Outstanding job and very creative. I truly believe that hammock campers are the leading edge in what's happening today in backpacking and innovation and this is an excellent example of this.

2003-03-17, 22:31
a body bag is the same deal but simpler ( nonbreathable and no place to put insulation) but I just couldn't pass up the deal I have yet to use it as a hammock but used it on the ground. Real neat though and I would be interested in a few construction detail as this seems quite a lot better than a danged body bag. thanks

2003-03-18, 10:06
A few more details. The bivy weighs 20 oz. It works as a ground cloth/bag cover as well as a hammock insulator/windbreak. I left the head area open as I don't like fabric over my face, so in inclement weather I will still use a tarp over it (though it could be a small tarp that covers my upper body only. I think I'm going to add drawstrings on each side of the open head area so that I can snug it up to the hammock and prevent underneath drafts (it currently bags open there).

2003-03-19, 08:30
Just read sqathak's review on the Bibler Hoop Bivy, and he has surely convinced me. Sounds like trying to sleep in a condum.

Again - Thank God for Tom Hennessy!

2003-03-19, 17:40

2003-03-20, 10:50
Here's a photo showing detail of how I designed the head opening. There's about a 12 inch gap between the main bivy top and the smaller top section above the head. The small top section and the drawstrings on both sides of the head opening keep the bivy snug and draft-free around the hammock bottom.