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Zero Day
2003-03-18, 10:15
I suggest you add the Foothills Trail to the South Carolina trails list. This is a 76 mile trail that starts (or ends) at Table Rock State Park outside of Greenville SC and ends (or starts) at Oconee State Park near Seneca. The southwestern end runs by the Chattooga River, which is a designated national wild and scenic river. It is also where the movie “Deliverance” was filmed so watch out if you hear banjos. A very nice trail guide is available from The Foothills Trail Conference Inc, PO box 3041 Greenville, SC 29602, and there is a web site at http://hikingthecarolinas.com/foothill.php. I have hiked the Fork Mountain/Foothills loop that runs on the Fork Mountain trail from Sloan Creek to the Foothills Trail at Burrell’s Ford and then back to Sloan Creek on the Foothills Trail. It is an easy two-day trip. There aren’t many flat places to camp so you hammock types will be happy. Lots of water and you should expect rain. The trail guide has maps so you shouldn’t need anything else, but I did get a 1 inch to 2,500 feet topo map of the entire trail at REI in Atlanta. If you go in the Fall the apples will be good in Seneca.

2004-05-01, 14:16
My buddy Little Bear and I hiked the Foothills Trail earlier this year. Little Bear posted an online journal that may be of interest to those wanting to hike the trail, it is at: http://www.trailjournals.com/entry.cfm?trailname=1882


2006-09-24, 23:16
I know this tread hasnt had any action in 2 years but just wanted to say...
IM DOING THIS TRIP IN A WEEK!!!! I cant wait to go!!!

bird dog
2006-09-25, 01:57
You doing the whole trail Moose? How long do you plan on it taking? Make sure you post pics for the rest of us when you return. BD

2006-09-25, 16:13

I'm doing the trail in March. I am excited for you - I've done sections but not all. In fact, My trip in March (doing the whole thing) will be my longest trip yet.

Excited, nervous....

I hope all goes well. Enjoy the beauty!!!! Let us know how it goes. :beer:


2006-09-25, 21:36
Yes, we are doing the whole trail. Starting at Table Rock S.P. going to Oconee S.P. Planning for 7 days but as long as we are feeling good we are shooting for 6 days. I live within an hour or so of much of the trail and have section hiked many sections. The hiking club Im in has been doing trail maint. on the Chattooga section for many years. The longest trips Ive been on so far was 4 days on the At north from Springer and 4 days doing the big middle section of the Foothills.-(forgot one)-Linville Gorge NC in 4 days.
I havent got nervous yet, just really excited! The weather is looking good so far, chance of showers day 2 but you never know up there. I'll keep yall posted and will take picts.


2007-08-30, 14:36
Finished with the Foothills Trail in February 2007. Did it in 3 section hikes. What a great trail. Harder than it looks. This is a great trail to use as a prep trail for the AT, good climbs in some areas. Only saw three other hikers on my hikes there. I want to go back and do the whole trail in one hike someday.

Nearly Normal
2007-09-09, 12:33
When I think about hiking, I always think of the river section on the Foothills Trail. Inculde part of the Chattooga River and Fork Mountain Spur trails to get the full effect.
If you like hiking beside interesting water, this section is for you. Not difficult but very satisfying. The sound and feel of the river really makes you glad.
When the river is "up" it is a very wild thing.

Nearly Normal