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Buddha Bear
2003-03-18, 21:40
Buddha Bear
Age: 31
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 230#
Experience: 20 years of hiking from Maine to Alaska
Similar Products Used: Trekker Tarp, Batray2, Black Diamond Megamid
Locations: So far, just 1, in Kentucky, mild weather, some humidity, no rain.

Weight: Advertised at 2 lbs., 15 oz (tent, pole, stakes)
Weight: Tested as advertised
Price: $149 (including floor, pole, stakes)
Manufacturer Web address: <a href=www.golite.com>Golite</a>

Other information: This is a pyramid tarp made of ripstop silnylon, it's a 4 season, 3 person shelter that provides 71 sq. ft. of space and can be as high as 5'6".

Construction: Tent is made of silnylon and has a hexagonal shape. It sports refelcting guylines, and has two covered vents at the top. There are 12 stae points, although you only really need to use 6. there is also a loop at the top, should you want to hang it from a tree. It stuffs really small in a provided silnylon stuff sack.

Why picked: I was looking for a large lightweight shelter that could fit someone my size as well as a few others. Also, it is regularly $310 - $325, and I couldn't pass on the deal.

Initial tests: I pitched it for the first time at night, while car camping. It went up very easily, and the floor was easy to set up as well. I slept in it the first night with the pole and one companion. It was somewhat humid out, with very little breeze. We did get some condensation, which rolled down the tent walls pretty well. the pole didn't get in the way too much, and we had plenty of room for all our gear as well. The next night, I pitched the tent by fixing the top to a tree, and ditching the pole. During the day, we had some problems with tree spiders building webs in the thing, but that's understandable due to the fact that I wasn't using the optional mesh insert. That night, I had much more room without the pole. It would weigh about 2.5 lbs. without the pole, and could sleep 3, ya can't beat that!

Trail Test: Yet to be determined, but I have heard their products are strong.

Conclusions: Hard to say at this point, but I do like the low weight and roominess!