View Full Version : WB Down?

SGT Rock
2010-03-17, 14:29
I can't get to WB. Is anyone else having an issue.

2010-03-17, 14:34
been down for the last 10 minutes on my end. no funny notice, like normal though. just won't load.

SGT Rock
2010-03-17, 14:35
Hammock forums is the same thing - but they are on the same server, so most likely it is somewhere on that end.

2010-03-17, 15:30
working now.

SGT Rock
2010-03-17, 15:46
Yep :sheep:

2010-03-17, 16:36
funny... I never noticed. ;)

SGT Rock
2010-03-17, 16:41
I was actually trying to look something up at HF and couldn't get a server response. So I tried WB and got the same thing.

Tweaking the hammock I just made.

2010-03-22, 03:49
I've been cruising the boards as usual, mostly WB, and I notice almost all the hammocks are really sway-backed. I don't think that would be very good for me, as I tend to spend the night rolling around.

I thought the HH and another design based on a catenary hang were supposed to be flatter. Am I missing something here? Maybe I need to make my own hammock, too.

2010-03-22, 08:10
Holy thread drift Batman.

I'm not a hanger, but I think the trick is to sleep on a bit of an angle, with your feet and ankles and butt to one side of the hammock and your head and shoulders to the other. Think of a rolling pin and a dish towel. Grab two opposite corners. Hang the rolling pin lengthwise, then slightly at an angle between the two corners. You want to get the tension right also, and I think one end higher than the other, not sure which, or maybe you just scootch down a little so your feet will be a little higher.

Now perhaps someone that actually hangs can give the real answer. lol

2010-03-22, 09:37
Holy thread drift Batman.