View Full Version : Open invite for (free) Tucson hiking group

2003-03-19, 13:36
This is an open invite for anyone in the Tucson area to join a new group for hiking and whatnot. No membership fees, no contracts, just folks getting together to enjoy outdoor opportunities in and around Tucson. We've done some decent day hikes so far (Mount Lemmon, Tanque Verde Falls), and we're putting together a group to do an overnight hike in Aravaipa Canyon for 14-15 June.

To sign up to the Yahoo! group and keep abreast of upcoming activities, hit http://groups.yahoo.com/group/activities_tucson/
and join up. Not necessary to be a member of Yahoo! to join the group.

p.s. If you're interested in joining, feel free to come up with a name for this fledgeling group. We're not that original, I'm afraid.

p.p.s. When I say "Tucson area," I include myself, even though I'm a little over an hour southeast of Tucson. Heck, if you occasionally travel to Tucson and just want to have the opportunity to hike with some locals, sign on up.