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SGT Rock
2003-03-19, 14:30
I decided to stick with SGT Rock, but y'all can call me top, Sarge, Rock, Ern, whatever. It's all good.

My Step-Father passed away and his funeral was Saturday. It was a small town Louisiana funeral in the family plot only a couple of miles from where he was born and raised. He was a Korean war veteran - Army Corpsman (what they called medic) that earned a purple heart rescuing wounded men off the battle field when he got shot in the head. Since he was entiled to a military funeral, the family requested I do it, so I presented the flag to my mother - it was the hardest funeral I ever performed at.

Now I back working my brains out at work to get ready for deployment. I have tons of unanswered e-mails and even a stove order I haven't responded to yet as well as unfinished buisness at WhiteBlaze and here. I'm swamped and I hope I can get it all done soon. If I haven't answered an e-mail to you or whatever, I promise I'll try and get to it.

Finally, it looks like war will happen and I'm going. I still don't have a time line for myself, but I will let you know when I go. Deployment is scheduled for 6 months to a year. With my MOS and unit, I will most likely not have regular access to the internet to keep updates, but I will try. I hope to set up something so my wife can let y'all know what I write.