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SGT Rock
2003-03-19, 16:27
I'm running out of ideas for a poll on the front page. Only polls I make end up there, so if you have a suggestion for a poll that I should make for the front page, please post it here. Don't make it yourself or it will not go up there.

2003-03-19, 17:26
"whats your pack weight?"

A. 0-10lbs
B. 10-20lbs
C. 20-30lbs
D. 30-40lbs
E. Sherpa

2003-03-19, 21:42
sgathak: this isnt specific enough...is that base weight or fully loaded weight? And if fully loaded (base+food+water+fuel), how many days of food would you need? Or is it just base pack weight?:P


2003-03-19, 21:52
...or maybe it was just an idea... I think the 1SG is fully capable of putting together specifics. ;) He is the NCOIC round these parts.

What else is there....
Favorite Gear?
Ever used a pack animal?

Example of another poll:
What is your main gear choice criteria?

A. Weight
B. Cost
C. Durability
D. Functionality
E. I stole it

2003-03-19, 22:59
Your shelter of choice:

shelter (?)
snowcave (?)

SGT Rock
2003-03-23, 23:05
We have done the weight one. I think I'll go for the shelter one for next poll, then maybe the getting your gear after that. Thanks y'all.

2003-03-25, 00:59
or maybe we could discuss hiking. i'm all geared out!