View Full Version : Wayne National Forest ORV/horse/bike trails

2003-03-19, 22:02
Check out the Wayne National Forest ORV/Bridel/Bike trails here (http://www.fs.fed.us/r9/wayne/). From 15-Nov thru 15-April of every year ORVs, mountain bikes and horses are NOT allowed to use any of the trails with in WNF. Which means you'd probably have them all to yourself.

I assume hunting is allowed within certain sections of the forest, so I would avoid deer gun season in late November, early December.

The $2 ORV map is great. Lots of trails. Some overlap with the Buckeye/North Country trail. Camp anywhere. No registration. No fees.

We were planning to head out to the "Monday Creek" section this coming weekend, but my wife is all freaked-out about the war and doesn't want me to leave. Oh, well. Maybe a good Xmas hike next winter.

Also, seeing as most of this is in southern Ohio, winter weather is usually quite mild. Though I'd avoid Jan and Feb unless you like it cold. The hills are not high enough to make for any changes in weather at elevation.