View Full Version : Mailing Label Wizard for AT mail drops

2003-03-20, 10:13
If you are planning mail drops, here is a handy tool.


2003-03-20, 12:15
I'm confused. I know that the Walasi-Yi store at neels Gap, GA, holds hiker packages, but the only two points listed on this auto-labeler are Suches (2 miles from Woody Gap) and Hiawassee (11 miles from Dicks Creek Gap). Is it just more strategic to do supply drops at Suches and Hiawassee rather than the Walasi-Yi store, or is it a question of US post office versus private store?

2003-03-20, 12:41
Love when I answer my own question. The webmaster sez that he doesn't know all the towns, and he's open for additions. If you see any mail drops that aren't listed on the labelmaker, hit the contact link on the label page and give them an update.