View Full Version : McNett AquaMira

2003-03-21, 14:34
for a light pack, this stuff makes for an unbeatable swap with your clunky H2O filter. AquaMira comes in two small, rugged plastic bottles (a little smaller than the ones for potable aqua iodine tablets). The wait time is twice as fast as iodine (15 min, but it the water is safe to drink after about eight. we tested the concentrations of chlorine after every 2 minutes, and it had mostly dissipated after that time). I know a concern of a lot of hikers is iodine poisoning. This stuff runs straight through your system without buildup. You can also save a little space/weight by premixing the solutions, which when mixed has a shelf life of about 3 weeks from what I've heard. We tried using Aquamira on both town-water and on a spring on Mt. Mansfield (VT), there was no aftertaste (though a few specks of dirt are inevitable, but at least its sterile dirt). In the town water, it actually seemed like it improved the taste (though that may just be heresay). for more info, check out www.mcnett.com.

Happy trails!:p