View Full Version : 30D Silnylo. in Multicam

2010-04-25, 11:21
Multicam is amazing stuff. It adapts to the colors nearby.

There is a thread over at Hammock Forums


I know I would like to have some for a tarp for the hammock, maybe for the hammock and certainly for a poncho to throw over my gear at the "stealth campsite" for bicycle touring and getting off-trail just a bit for thru-hiking and popular hiking trails.

I don't want my gear stolen, because I walk to the water source and come back to find I have been ripped off, for example. I live next to Glacier National Park, MT and there is a lot of theft going on.

There are also hunters, and other outdoor enthusiasts.

I do wildlife photography (not professional) with my Old Town Loon. The canoe and kayak crowd may be interested.

What I especially like about Multicam is it doesn't scream "survivalist" or military.

Is there interest, here, in having some for your projects?

Do you know others, who would like to have it?

If so, post over there or "PM" the person who started the thread.